Friday, June 22, 2012

Elements of Mercy

Release (drawing by CFassett)

The dry air was still
until I caught the subtle whisper 
of coolness in a breeze
Turning, my eyes searched 
far to the south
and, reaching out
with all my senses
joined my spirit to
the elements of the sky

There, tension mounted
as the vapor from
mountain lakes and streams
rose to meet with moisture
marching in rolling waves
from the ocean gulf
above the desert floor
Electric currents swirled
quickening the air
until a cloud appeared

Charged with the elements
it grew and multiplied
wider with each inhale
quenching it's thirst
Bloated with pressure
the dark army moved out
Winds riding the perimeter
electric whips snapping

I watched the mounted darkness
moving swiftly from the south
until it finally released
the life giving waters
it had swallowed to share
bringing mercy
to the parched desert earth.